New Age Sons

Reclaiming Masculinity Immersion #1

A Powerful Immersion into Manhood

Chirokitia Eco-Village

November 5-6

Why Joining This Retreat?

We are living in a world of constant distractions. We are distracted from aligning with our true archetypes and transitioning from childhood to adulthood. As men, we forget how to tap into our masculinity and live our fullest potential. This misalignment is also true for women and their feminine archetypes. In this men-only retreat, we gather together in nature, away from noise and distraction, to understand our true masculinity, embrace it, practice it and embody it.
By joining this retreat, you will learn and experience some forgotten aspects of your masculinity. As part of the brotherhood, we all gather to help one another reconnect physically, mentally, and spiritually with our masculine energy and learn how to balance and utilize it to grow stronger.

What to expect in this immersion

Nature & Camping Experience

This weekend, the retreat is held in Chirokitia’s Eco-village, deep into nature. We will be experiencing primitive living and re-connection with nature. You have the option to either set up a tent or rent a shared room.

Weapon Training & Wrestling w/ Drums

We’ll be training in groups on the basics of weapon and hand-to-hand combat. You will get a chance to wrestle within a safe and humble circle while listening to tribal drums play. This is a unique experience.

Pranayama Breathing Exercises

These yogic breathing techniques help regulate and strengthen the respiratory system. You will build a deeper relationship with the vital aspect of life, your breath. We will guide you to dive into these breathing techniques.

Haka, Tribal Dances & Chanting

The retreat is filled with tribal chanting, dancing, grounding, and reconnecting with our ancestors. A Haka will be done within 2 groups to release the extra tension built up over the years of your life.

Talks & Firepit Circle

Each of our founders will deliver talks about masculinity archetypes, polarity balancing, warrior mindset, healthy living, happiness, neurochemical balancing, and more. You will also be part of the discussions around firepit.

Ashtanga Yoga

Think of Ashtanga as a consistent practice to get you out of your mind. It is powerful and will challenge you physically but reward you mentally. We’ll be practicing and enjoying this yoga flows together in groups.

Qi-Gong & Bioenergetic

We’ll dive into the world of Qi-Gong and Bioenergetic to pass on the knowledge of Qi energy manipulations, energizing the body, and trauma-releasing exercises. You will take away some basic flows with you for the rest of your life.

Group Cooking

To create stronger brotherhood bonds, we’ll be cooking meals for each other on charcoal and barbecue with various foods, from vegan tastes to cooking meat on fire.

Ticket Options

Bring Your Own Tent


Includes retreat access for 5-6 November 2022, 1 camping spot, all meals, all activities, and access to all facilities.

Shared Room


Includes retreat access for 5-6 November 2022, 1 shared room with 1 bed, all meals, all activities, and access to all facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide lunch and dinner on 5th November and breakfast, lunch, and snacks on 6th November.

No. We will provide you with a map location, and you need to use your transportation to be at Chirokitia Eco-Village at 9:00 AM on Saturday, 5th November 2022.

Men who are interested in empowering and reclaiming their masculinity. We like to onboard like-minded people like us who are in it for personal growth and remembering ancient practices. We all help one another, and we are all within this brotherhood.

Yes, for this retreat, we only allow men over 18 years old. We will have a youth program in the near future.

No. You can skip anything you don't feel comfortable with. However, we encourage everyone to participate in all activities to step out of their comfort zone and get the most benefit.

We start our retreat at 9:00 on Saturday, 5th November. We have a full-day event until 22:00.
After a good night's sleep at the Eco-village, we start again at 8:00 in the morning until 18:00 on Sunday, 6th November.

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